Update: December 1, 2010

Seeing quite a few views on this post. If your EOS 50D shutter button stops working don’t panic. Just bring it in to Canon for repairs. I promise it won’t hurt. Read on…


First off, shutter assembly and shutter button switch release, although very much related, are 2 very different components within the hand grip of a DSLR. Now, on to the cold sweat inducing-body contorting set back.


Cutaway view of the hand grip with shutter switch release

A few months ago during an event shoot the EOS 50D’s shutter button would not take a shot after achieving auto focus. The cam emitted the all too familiar beep and still no go. After trying a few more times albeit with more tap tap pressure than normal the shutter button finally released the mirror to take a shot.

More events were covered without another hitch until some weeks ago. There were no warning beeps, blinking lights or ERR 99 on the LCD. The shutter button had finally succumbed to fingerly abuses while only achieving auto focus but no mirror clak-claking to take a photo. The battery grip (BG-E2N) saved this photographer from an embarrassing situation and served as the main shutter button for both horizontal and vertical shots. Imagine the contorting positions while composing a frame and good thing the 50D’s a second cam with a wide angle lens attached.


Shutter switch release component: top and bottom view. Notice the darker portion of the red circle-that

There was just no time to search the net for answers and hoping a call to Canon Philippines would get me the proper psycological remedy. The call got me Canon Philippines customer service reps. The cause of shutter failure could be 1. shutter assembly or 2. shutter switch release needed replacing. Without parts on hand repairs would take 2-4 weeks or longer and that was not a very favorable answer for having another shoot lined up in a week. Oh, cold sweat had started beading up all over.


4" Iron Man modelling the tiny shutter switch release

But 30 minutes later, after frantically searching, got the phone number for Canon service center on Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. Gave them a call and talked with a supervisor on the dire situation. Finally, a bright future ahead, the switch release replacement part was on hand but no shutter assembly. With that, a trip to Canon Shaw Blvd wishing the problem is the shutter switch release.

Arriving at Shaw Blvd at 11 am, noticed instantly how helpful and cheery the staff was. Very different from the normal sales team at some of the Canon boutiques. Within 5 minutes at the proper hands of a spotless lab coat wearing technician the culprit is the shutter switch release. Feeling quite the relief while begging and pleading got the EOS 50D repaired, cleaned and back in my dirty paws before 2:15pm (It helped to mention photography as a means of living).

Thank you very much and 2 thumbs up to Joseph and his team at Canon Shaw Blvd for the exceptional service. Most importantly, even without CPS, this photographer was given back one of his work horses for another shoot. The shutter switch release was only PHP133.93 (approx. US$4) and workshop repair charge at PHP1,116.07 (approx. US$35). Everything totaled at PHP1,400 and a very small price to pay for the return of a second camera.