Kelsey’s Chocolates

Once upon an afternoon, on location and surrounded by chocolates, we did a simple lighting set up. Photographed the small wonders the entire afternoon and finished just short of 7pm. Not only did we enjoy the shoot but came away with goodies from Kelsey’s Chocolates. Thereby making our wives happy for our profession.


Kelsey’s Chocolates have a premium line of chocolate truffles at very affordable prices. Hand made from quality Belgian dark chocolates.

Dark chocolates are chock full of antioxidants called flavonoids that protect us from heart disease caused by free radicals. That’s a lot of scientific words for such a sweet little treat. All that means is have dark chocolates regularly to stay alive longer-no harm, no foul and very enjoyable. Besides, I heard somewhere that chocolates are an aphrodisiac.

Kelsey’s Chocolates, order some and try for yourselves.

Christmas is just around the corner. We offer decadent, hand-made, premium chocolate truffles, available in white and dark. Order now!!! For inquiries, please call Karen@975 6737 or 0917 848 0104 (Philippines Only)

KC has more products up their sleeves and watch out for more postings soon.