Army Navy: Burgers + Burritos

A week and a half ago, the hard drive on my old trusty iBook had a sticky fit and finally crashed. The symptom was a very simple plain blue screen once it booted. Gone was the menu bar and solid medium gray color desktop.

Had to take the Mac to the doctor and on the way passed by this new place being renovated. Made a quick mental note to try it out. Fast forward to a new hard drive, a very clean software-less comp and dinner at the Army Navy: Burgers + Burritos. Will try their breakfast burrito on our next visit.


Street view of Army Navy Burger and Burritos.


The faux brass logo on the counter top- a very nice touch.


Order counter with a full view of the clean kitchen and very friendly staff.


The interior space-excellent attention to detail-like the food.


First up, the double patty cheeseburger. Liked the meaty flavor but too much fresh onions as it over powered the burger with every bite. Still a great choice though just ask the staff to hold the onions.


Nicely wrapped beef and cheese sandwich. It


A look inside reveals all the juicy goodness. The onions were just right.