Week-Ender #72

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The title of this post is a bit misleading but the lens used to shoot the photos from my walk in Chinatown is a tad old (22 years) and the DSLR is new-EOS 7D. The EF 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5 II performed way above expectations. The 7D’s iFCL (Focus, Colour and Luminance) Metering Sensor helped to produce stunning photos. They came out sharp, colors beautifully rendered and really surprising that chromatic aberrations were very nicely controlled.

One thing to consider, the 28-70mm on a x1.6 crop sensor of the EOS 7D, 28mm is equivalent to 44.8mm and 70mm to 112mm. The lens just turned into a standard 50mm to a useful zoom. This won’t be such a useful travel lens as the 28mm just isn’t wide enough but for a lens to shoot on a casual day out the weight and range is just perfect.

Another factor to good photos was the great weather. There was a cool breeze and the sun didn’t have the sweaty and sticky qualities associated to walking around in the Binondo/Ongpin area.

All the photos were from RAW files and post processed in Photoshop with a few tweaks. All captured in natural sunlight without any lens filters attached. The slide show is for easier viewing and the gallery below if you would like to see the photos up close.