By Bert Monroy, digital photo-realist artist

This image, Times Square created by digital artist, Bert Monroy, took 4 years to create with almost 3,000 Photoshop and Illustrator files. The art work measure 60″ by 300″ and weighs in at a whopping 6.52 Gigabytes. Go to his site for the actual image that you can zoom in to see famous personalities from the world of Photoshop. Among these are the bearded twosome of John and Thomas Knoll-founders of Adobe Photoshop, Scott Kelby under the one way sign and in the far left Monroe driving a cab in his early days. The work is painstakingly detailed even the view inside the windows of rooms and even the ‘100% Colombian Coffee’ logo is there on the upper part. The digital painting will be on display at this years Photoshop World on March 30 – April 1, 2011 at the Orange County Convention Center in Florida, USA.

Just to give a rough idea, the project I worked on for Sensa Inc. was only a measly 650 Megabytes at it’s largest size and for some this is already a pretty big Photoshop file.

I hope Mr. Monroe doesn’t mind, the image below is just a screen shot of his page. Watcha waitin’ fer? Go check it out (click on the links or the image), these things don’t happen everyday.

BertMonroy_digital photo-realist