Simple Products-Complex Lighting

Dial-a-photographer….tap, tap, tap-piddie, tap… ringing… hello, yup, sure…. uh-ha… no prob… yeah, don’t worry it’ll be cheap. Oh, yeah just a few bottles of watchamacallit.. yeah, yup, sure ok… will wait for the products to arrive and get back to you, thanks. *click*- Well, actually it wasn’t a click just the button on the mobile that ends the call.

Fast forward when the package arrives and low and behold such cute little bottles of sprays. Oh, both for men and women. Looking and holding the bottles and wiping it down to get them all sparkly clean for the shoot. Uh, wait… sparkly?! Looks at labels as close as possible to the human eye that’s got -50 astigmatism. Oh, goodness! All the labels have a metalized coating on them. This will make this mundane product shot with a few strobes so much more fun! Fun as in so much more set up time is needed to not have any glare on the bottles. You know, metallic labels reflect the hell out of the light. Light just has that unique property of showing itself off everything shiny.

A few days of shooting and post processing later, the products were shot and roaring to be back to their owners. Even with Photoshop cleaning up glare was a hellish chore-shoot for minimum post work, always. Captured with Canon EOS 7D+EF 24-70 f/2.8+2 580 EX II Speedlites+1 430 EX II Speedlite and a whole bunch-o light modifiers. Shooting at an angle helps to reduce reflection.