Week-Ender #74


I get a text message from my niece, Hannah: Hi uncle mac, can you do head shots and a few posses for me? The only obvious answer there is: yes.

The appointed day arrives and we all move outside unto the beautifully diffused sky. Thank you, God for the perfectly lit diffused lighting that day. The shoot starts after some prepping and… look that way-yes, like that-oh, this way, look down, don’t smile-just a little smirk, ok… hmmm, now just stare at that point on the ground, keep it there-don’t bat an eyelash… wow, we have the shot. Now jump in the air but be careful so you don’t fall off the balcony… Painless photo shoot if the model knows what she’s doing.

Model: Hannah, Make up: Hannah, Clothes: Hannah, Photography: Moi. As you can see she did all the work. Photo shoot with a Canon EOS 7D on commander flash mode. Always captured RAW and converted to jpeg in Photoshop.