April 8-10, 2011 Taipei, Taiwan ROC

In a big white tent beside Taipei 101 sits Canon’s ImageFest 2011 in celebration of 10 years of Canon Taipei. All guest entering are required to get a free lanyard and booklet to collect 6 stamps at the different sections for a free gift (a Canon Imagefest magnet clip).

Upon entering the tent, guest are treated to displays of Canon’s fine past. Most of the displays are cameras and calculators. There were a Kwanon, Cannonet, AE, etc. on display. The main tent held six sections of Canon products. Each for the Ixus and point and shoot lines, printers, advance copiers, EOS line-photography and video gear and EF/EFS lens line up. Nothing new but lenses and bodies could be tested except there were long lines. Just like a circus there’s a center stage for shows throughout the day. A violinist and dancers in costume and stilts were performing on April 8.

Canon Imagefest Taipei was more for the uninitiated consumer than the photographer. It was interesting to see all the products in one place though. Enjoy the photos-captured with EOS 7D+EF 24-70 f/2.8. Shot RAW and converted in DPP to jpg. All the images are out of camera shots-no time for Photoshop.

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