A Simple Point & Shoot Technique

Dreamy, surreal and artsy fartsy- a fun way to try hand held long exposure technique.

These flame dancers were shot on a Canon G7 point & shoot that was bought in 2007. The location was at an open plaza in the back of a huge shopping complex. It was around 9 pm and this particular area was only lit by an overhead street lamp-thats the reason for the yellow/green tint on the images.

You too can try this simple technique. Set your trusty point and shoot digicam, yup, any brand will do as long as it has an aperture priority mode (AV). Set it to f/3.5 and dial in 1/60th for shutter speed-this is to get the swirly fire trails. Then set to ISO 400 so as not to fully over expose the flames.

A tripod is not necessary. Just hold the digicam as steady as possible, focus on the subject and click away. Or yes, a tripod would make the camera more steady and take clearer photos but it would not be as fun and unpredictable.