Night Time Shooting at Fontana

A family trip to the casino-vacation hotspot, Fontana located in the Clark Freeport Zone is well, not so hotspot once the kiddies go to sleep. The running around and banter stop with silence taking over immediately. The only thing to do- strap on the Canon unto a tripod and go fishing for a shot.

As you can see, this place is better to shoot than for some rude partying. Even the casino is a bit on the bland side. Do click on the images for a larger view of what boredom can bring to shooting a night time exposure.

Shot details: 7pm, Canon EOS 50D, 10mm, f/7.1@30 sec, ISO 100. Captured RAW and converted in Photoshop CS5.



During the day though, with the kiddies, the US style water amusement park is a pretty fun place to go. Except, they don’t allow any food or beverages into the park and do have US style airport bag checks just in case your sneaking in some-even if you have little kiddies that need bottled water. It’s a quite a drag but then you can have all the food at their sub standard US style fast food restaurant. Aside from all the unnecessary rules it was a fun experience and the life guards posted everwhere were excellent-made the fun filled day safe. The photos did turn out pretty nice though… do click for a larger US style view. 😉


The entrance beckons... on a weekday.


View from the bridgeway into the park.


EOS 50D wet and wild-check out the water droplets.


Captured around 5:30pm. It was a beautiful magenta hue everywhere.