Week-Ender 85

The night before a big shoot, sitting around searching the net for beautiful photos to feast ones eyes upon is relaxing and an easy thing to do.

Stumbling on to a few guys going all out to capture the US Navy’s decaying fleet is something else. Call it daring, call it selfish or is it just trying to record a lost time? Take a look at Inside the Ghost Ships of the Mothball Fleet post by Scott Haefner and judge for yourselves. More often than not, making great photography is more getting there and setting up rather than just clicking the shutter.

Stay on Haefner’s site as there are much to ogle at especially the aerial photos captured using a kite. Clicking on any of the photos below will take you there.


Photography by Scott Haefner

I frequently shoot in places that most people choose not to venture. Photographing abandoned buildings and other forgotten places, often under the cover of darkness, is what captivates me the most. Documenting our history and creating art in locations that might soon be destroyed in favor of new strip malls inspires a level of urgency not typically found in other forms of photography.Scott Haefner

fleet-40 by Scott Haefner

Photography by Scott Haefner

fleet-30 by Scott Haefner

Photography by Scott Haefner

On another front, never before published photos of the Beatles on Yahoo! News. Now that’s a bit of very cool black and whites from the 1960’s.

Photographer Mike Mitchell stands by some of his photographs of The Beatles where they are being exhibited at a hotel in London, Friday, June 10, 2011. The previously unseen photographs by US photographer Mike Mitchell were taken during the 1964 visit to America. The collection of 50 pictures entitled 'Beatles Illuminated' is expected to realise 100,000 US Dollars (61,500 pounds) when they are auctioned in New York on July 20. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)