3 Landscapes and 1 Hour To Go

Tonight, June 16, 2011 at about 1:30 AM the total lunar eclipse will begin and last till 7AM. According to one blog at about 3-4AM the moon will turn red with the eclipse maximum at 4AM. It will be a long clear night for some photography however the weather bureau is reporting that a low pressure off Palawan is expecting to bring clouds and rain shower. Well, anything can happen over these skies and it is clear as day outside with the bright full moon shinning up high surrounded by twinkling little stars.

Shooting for the past 3 nights has brought beautiful landscape shots. Each of the photos captured on June 15, 14 and 13 respectively. Yes, the 3rd shot isn’t a moon scape but it was too good to pass up. Last nights moon was the most mystical with that halo. Knowing nothing of astronomy only a guess and some googling tells me the moon is reflecting off the suns gases or something to that effect. Anyone shed some light?

Unlike a solar eclipse a lunar eclipse is safe to watch and will not do any damage to a digital camera’s sensor. No filters required, mount DSLR on tripod and just point up at the moon. Set aperture at f/7.1 and shutter speed at 1/125. Adjust shutter speed after test shots and the moon should be pretty evenly exposed. Remember the moon is pretty much like shooting the sun. Use a slow shutter speed and the moon will be over exposed.

We will try to stay up to photograph as much of the lunar eclipse as possible. See you all at breakfast. *yawn*