Week Ender 86

Using filters on lenses is not a bad thing. All my lens caps sit in storage so that lenses are ready to go anytime. All of them either have clear or UV filters as front element.

There are many schools of thought on using filters and it’s just better to make up ones mind on usage. Take a look at my last post (Real World Use of Kenko CPL) filter.


The well protected lens. Photo credit-www.lensrentals.com

From Lensrentals.com, comes some photography fun. The guys rent out camera gear to the general populace in the US. As with many lenses, there are many filters as well. So much so the guys decided to do a little review on using 50 UV filters stacked together on a Canon lens. Found it last week and would make a fun and informative read. Not all techie topics related to photography should be so serious. Good on Lensrentals.com for poking some fun on filtering filters.

And from Vincent Laforet‘s post: What camera did I use to make this still picture?

The photo is ready to view at very large size. The colors are naturally beautiful and facial details very sharp. The photo was shot in available light with a video cam. Yes, a video cam and the photo is a screen grab! But it is not just any video cam but the RED EPIC M digital cinema camera that is worth a whopping US$58,000. That kind of moneys to get me both Canon and Nikon gear and still have change left over for the tiny new 2011 Kia Picanto and still have enough dough to take the wife on a vacation to the Cayman Islands. Then asking the missus for a Red Epic M for Christmas, she asked how much it was and looked at me like she was about to leave me…

Do click on the photo below to get to Mr. Laforet’s blog to see the BIG version-beautifully amazing to say the least.


Photo credit: Vincent Laforet


The US$58,000 Red Epic M digital cinema camera and it comes with the custom Pelican case. For that price it should come with a few lenses...