Update: August 10, 2011

From forums around the web Lion looks like it is creating much trouble for some folks. I have not upgraded yet and yes, work files are all backed up twice over. I just don’t want to be on the other end of unnecessary Apple trouble. The best way to avoid the ongoing Lion upgrade fiasco is to wait and see if Apple does anything. By far the worst problems I’ve read are the SMART errors on hard drives that many Mac users are getting before even installing Lion.

More links for your reading pleasure.

  1. SMART error-Apple support forums
  2. Michael Willems- Is Lion Really A Chihuahau?
  3. Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

Week Ender 88

Roar… Mac OS X Lion 10.7.0 has finally been released. Since July 20 it has already sold over 1 million copies and one of the biggest upgrades for Mac users. Is it worth the trouble of downloading a 3.5 GB file from the App store at USD39.99 (PHP1720.00) with some third-party software compatability is still question?

Based on many reviews already populating the net, Lion, is a good but not a necessary update. Photographers running on Snow Leopard with hundred if not thousands of dollars worth of post processing software should have a look first if installed software are compatible. On a personal note, can not imagine the mess an update like this would do to a photography work flow with incompatible software installed. Though it is safe to assume that all major software giants have updated their software with downloadable packs waiting a few weeks for bug fixes isn’t a bad idea. Adobe has already updated CS5 (an easy to do update that was under 3 hours for me). Canon DSLR and related software also works with the Lion. If your Mac purchase was after June 6, 2011 you are eliggable for a free upgrade to Lion with OS X Lion Up to Date program.

A compilation of links below to make sure that you have updated all software before upgrade to Lion.

  1. Apple: How to upgrade
  2. Adobe
  3. Bootable copy DVD
  4. Bootable copy USB
  5. Canon DSLR
  6. Canon Australia
  7. Canon Printers
  8. DxO Labs
  9. List from Go-DSLR.com
  10. List from Photographybay.com
  11. Mac Rumors
  12. Nikon
  13. Photomatix
  14. Rob Galbraith: Canon Testing Software For Lion
  15. Various Printers

The best way to ensure a painless upgrade to roar… Lion would be to first update whatever software you have. If you don’t want to download, Apple will be releasing a flash drive version of Lion for US$69.99 in the coming months.