Week Ender 89

There are just too many features in a piece of gear to commit to memory. Lugging around some manuals aren’t the obvious answer either. Memorizing them is even more far fetched. I’ve even experienced pro shooters who did not know some basic features of a Speedlite. Be a better photog and learn the features of your gear the easy way.


Quickguide to the new Speedlite 320 EX

The last time I wrote about Canon Quick Guides was in June of o ten. One year forward and there are more quick guides added in to the mix. There are currently 19 PDF files ready to download for print so you can stick it in your gear bag. Old and new shooters alike will benefit from these and you can download them at the Canon Digital Learning Center.


One other article that caught my attention is, A New Concept: Canon’s Zoom Fisheye Lens by Rudy Winston, a 14 year veteran of Canon USA’s Pro Products team. It’s a piece on the new EF 8-16 f/4L USM that replaces the old EF 15mm f/2.8 fisheye. The EF 8-16 is designed to work with all the sensor sizes (full frame, 1.3x and 1.6x) to get the extreme view just in case you have the EOS 5D MK II, EOS 7D and EOS 1Ds. From some of what I’ve read from photogs who have the new fisheye this is one fun expensive lens to have.