Learn to flash like pros do. Use the flash to its full potential.

There are a few slots left for November 8 and 9, my second flash seminar at Camera Cart Studios in Teachers Village. Just click on the Camera Cart link to get in touch with my main man Melvine or call/SMS 0928-7101211 or 0918-9171063. Or email cameracart@gmail.com.


The 2 day flash class will cater to those who want to understand the confusing inner workings of a DSLR flash gun. From a short history all the way to learning to control light with flash. After all, if there is no light no images can be made.

Below are just a few of the topics we will go over:
1. Demystifying flash terms and buttons on the flash gun.
3. Understanding light fall off.
2. Learn to bounce flash without a wall.
4. Learn to use your flash gun on and off the hot shoe-both with cable and wireless.
5. How to use flash in a variety to shooting scenarios.
6. Learn to use a flash stand and shoot through umbrella.
Etc. etc…


Image courtesy Camera Cart

Charge the batteries and bring a camera with a hot shoe and a compatible flash gun as we go for a hands on approach in learning. Don’t have a flash gun? Don’t sweat it. Reserve your slot along with Camera Carts flash guns for rent both in Nikon and Canon systems. Pretty sure a discount is there. One last thing, get a slot Camera Cart members get a discount as well.