Interior Panorama, Eastwood Mall, Libis

It was a quiet Monday morning and the plan was just to shoot a few interior images from different angles. The guys and gals who were prepping for the days operation happily vacated the premises to allow for the full view of the restaurant. Not to pass up the splendid opportunity, it was panorama time.

MacDy_slappy_PANO_01_sm_All Rights Reserved

The first image is the view when one enters the restaurant. This panorama is made up of 16 images gently stitched, so to speak, together in Photoshop. The single images were first edited and processed in Lightroom 4 to get the exposures evenly across the entire set. The second shows the rows of tables to the right side of the entrance, is stitched together form 20 images with editing in the same software.

The frontage of Slappy Cakes is just bathed in natural sunlight but the rows of tables are set against a window facing a covered walkway without any natural light. A few of the images in the second set needed a 3 exposure stack to even out the lighting. No HDR on the stacked images, they were manually blended in Photoshop.

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