Believes in the personal hands on approach with clients.

Mac Dy has been shooting for the past 22 years with no end in sight. He started out in 1987 with film cameras learning how to see in black and white through a dirty viewfinder. Took 2 years of photography classes while in high school and started to shoot school events for the year book.

Although shooting film was an exciting endeavor Mac took the plunge in digital photography with a very tiny point and shoot in the late nineties. And as fate would have it, DSLR cameras became his go to gear.

With an extra 12 years of experience editing images digitally, he now feeds his family through specializing in family events, weddings, portraiture, press events and product shots. Carrying big heavy lighting gear is not good for the back and so prefers the convenience of wireless flash photography. In the past year, Mac joined Camera Cart’s seminar programs to teach flash and wedding photography.

Mac loves his gear. He started out using Minolta in the 80’s, switched to a Canon AE-1 and been stuck with the Canon brand ever since. But, clearly, prides himself with accepting the Nikon DSLR along with all the Canon gear as his paint brushes. After all each camera (and lens) has it’s own strengths.

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