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Interior Panorama, Eastwood Mall, Libis

It was a quiet Monday morning and the plan was just to shoot a few interior images from different angles. The guys and gals who were prepping for the days operation happily vacated the premises to allow for the full view of the restaurant. Not to pass up the splendid opportunity, it was panorama time.

MacDy_slappy_PANO_01_sm_All Rights Reserved

The first image is the view when one enters the restaurant. This panorama is made up of 16 images gently stitched, so to speak, together in Photoshop. The single images were first edited and processed in Lightroom 4 to get the exposures evenly across the entire set. The second shows the rows of tables to the right side of the entrance, is stitched together form 20 images with editing in the same software.

The frontage of Slappy Cakes is just bathed in natural sunlight but the rows of tables are set against a window facing a covered walkway without any natural light. A few of the images in the second set needed a 3 exposure stack to even out the lighting. No HDR on the stacked images, they were manually blended in Photoshop.

Click the images and go large…



Time for a photography contest

Photography contests should be organized in such a way that photographers and their images are treated with respect and given due amount of exposure. Life Framer is the vision of Amaury and co-founder Ralph, both based in London and have put together a call for photographers to join. There is a small fee to enter but the photographs will have 3 weeks final exhibition in theprintspace an art gallery in London. Good luck.

Mac Dy Photography is not compensated in any way for this feature. Maybe I should join…

From Life Framer:

Image3 -Copyright theprintspace


LIFE FRAMER  International Photography Award And Curated Exhibition – Call for talent!

Life Framer is a monthly photography award and curated exhibition for the present day. It’s a platform and community designed to source creative work and showcase outstanding photography. Our aim is to bring exposure to talented photographers from all over the world: your talent, your vision, your life.

Every month we make a call to arms to the photographic community to provide us with their photographs that best capture our theme. We shortlist our favorites, ask a guest judge to select their winners. Winners will have the chance to be exhibited in a gallery space in central London, to win cash prizes and to receive some great recognition and online presence along the way.

Image2 -Copyright Mischa Haller

Copyright Mischa Haller

The current theme is “A Modern Life”. We want to find beautiful photographs that capture life at its broadest and most diverse – from the mundane to the magical, all over the world.

To find out more, and to enter online, visit

Happy Holidays 2011

It’s that time of year again: to be with family, eat home cooked food(lots of it) and make pretend Santa brought all those goodies under the tree. There’s nothing like the wide eyed happy look of a kid opening presents.

The tree shot with Canon EOS 7D and processed in Photoshop CS5. Snow texture by Oh Joy Photography-thanks!

Merry Christmas, dear readers. Posting will resume in the next few days after all the food and drink gets digested.


It was late and suddenly the sky lit up with colors. The crackers snapped and banged for a few minutes. Lucky as the photo gear was set up nearby. A few twist and turns on the ball head got me these shots. Of course I had to drag the cam and tripod out on the balcony.

Captured with Canon EOS 7D, tripod, remote shutter release and processed with Lightroom 3.

Happy Holidays!







Beauty and the Beast





Week Ender 91

One of Canon USA’s Explorer of Light, Stephen Wilkes finished a project called NYC Day to Night. Photographer Wilkes stayed put in one location for hours to shoot the frames needed to do a proper composite of New York city turning, well, from day to night. Looks and sounds easy but imagine the hours and hours of shooting and then shifting through hundreds of frames of photos just to choose the proper exposure for 1 composite image.

As Wilkes puts it: “I imagined changing time in a single photograph. Using this new technology, I’ve been able to express this fascination through a new series of photographs: “Day to Night”. I photograph from a fixed camera angle continuously for up to 15 hours, throughout the “Day to Night”. A select group of images are then digitally blended into one photograph, capturing the changing of time in a single frame.” -from Gizmodo.

The photographs will be on view in New York City’s Clamp Art Gallery from September 8th to October 29th.

Good stuff! Go to Stephen Wilkes site and head on over to the fine art link for more of Day to Night and other beautiful photographs, particularly like his China-Old and New series.


Times Square by Stephen WIlkes


Park Avenue by Stephen Wilkes

Stormy Clouds

Been sick and working and thus the absence of any new post the past week. Things have gotten better and posting duties will continue…

For now, the photos below were captured last week when typhoon Juaning was scheduled to leave the Philippines area of responsibility. More storm clouds for your viewing pleasure here and here.



Wedding Photography

Instructions from the church coordinator were: photographers and videographers must not stand in the Chancel (In church architecture, the chancel is the space around the altar in the sanctuary at the liturgical east end of a traditional Christian church building. It may terminate in an apse. -Wikipedia) area. Ok then I thought, Heidi and Mel will never ever have a photo of themselves kneeling in front of the priest listening to the sermon or saying their vows. Since I doubt the couple will ever go through this again- with utmost respect and good intentions, there just had to be some shots coming from that area.

I slowly inched closer to the off-limit area but surely my tall build didn’t help much as everyone in the church noticed this photographer doing what he wasn’t supposed to. But in hind sight, it was well worth it.







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