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Update September 14, 2009: Canon Philippines- The EOS 7D’s body retails for P99,950. The 7D kit with an EF-S 18-135-mm lens stickers at P124,950, while the 7D with the 15-85-mm lens is priced at P144,950. – info from

Image from Canon USA

Image from Canon USA

Canon, really delighting you always! 12 noon (Manila time) a press release in Lake Success, NY, announcing the new Canon flagship of APS-C (x1.6) sensor, the EOS 7D. The dual digic 4 wonder called the Image Monster in Japan, boasts of new technology that will put the camera on the forefront of many pro photo events. Though it’s only semi-weather sealed, it can take a drizzle of rain shower but won’t survive a monsoon spell or a drop unto the beach just as a beautiful wave come crashing in. “The camera’s nine internal seals enhance weather resistance, and its 150,000-cycle shutter durability positions the EOS 7D as a “workhorse” for professionals in any photography discipline.” -from Canon press release.

Image from Canon USA

Image from Canon USA

Introducing the completely new auto focus system that has 19 multi-points cross-type AF and an improved AI Servo AF. Combined with the skill set of an events photographer this will greatly improve the dynamism of images the 7D is able to produce. Think panning method. It is now easier to track and capture a moving subject without that “hope the subject comes out sharp…” in the back of your mind.

My wish has been granted, armed with the Dual Digic 4 processors there is no doubt an increase in the dynamic range and noise reduction in low light capture. This handy feature will make shooting in a dimly lit hotel ballroom environment easier and less nerve wracking. The Dual Digic 4 cross processes the image for better color, tones and highlights. Thereby reducing the post editing/processing and getting the images to the client more efficiently and beautifully.

Image from Canon USA

Image from Canon USA

The 7D can produce a frame rate of 8 per second on high speed continuous burst at 1.3 times faster than the EOS 50D. Now you can actually shoot the lighting of the candles on the cake before the first droplet of wax come dripping down. Believe me, this is fast. The 50D’s current burst mode already accomplishes this by getting a blow by blow, pardon the pun, on the happy birthday blowing of the candle song.

Not only does the 7D shoot like a zoom-zoom jet fighter it even saves on power doing it. The low power consumption is a plus to any photographer. An 8 hour event won’t even show a blinking low batt warning with the dual batteries in the grip of  the 50D. That is about 800-1000 images with extensive viewing to check images throughout the event. I would expect the battery of the 7D to last around 4 days of shooting during a vacation with the family. That is almost a no charging situation when an extra battery is available on a week’s jaunt.

Image from Canon

With the new EF-S 15-85mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens. Image from Canon

Just to keep things short, a great new addition is a “built-in Integrated Speedlite Transmitter for control of multiple off-camera EOS Speedlites without the need for an external transmitter.”. Now that’s a great reason to buy the 580 EX II or 430 EX II and goodbye to the expensive and often useless ST-E2.

The EOS 7D is quite an amazing advancement. As an events photographer this new APS-C flagship Canon DSLR will perform when it’s needed most. Assuming, of course, you’ve remembered to charge the batteries. But on the down side it has a whole new set of accessories. The magnesium alloy battery grip BG-E7 has been added with new buttons to control various functions and can hold 2 LP-E6 battery packs. The LP-E6 is the current battery for the 5D MK II which provides 1800 mAh of power. This pair will empty out the ATM of about $3-400 USD. Arf-arf… there goes the down payment for the family vacation…

Oh, by the way, the EOS 7D has CMOS sensor crammed with 18 million effective mega pixels. Like all photographers really need to print billboard size and it’s got the trendy new HD video. Like I’ll stop in the middle of an event and shoot a video only realizing later on that I’ve missed a good dramatic shot.

EOS 50D and EOS 7D comparison. Image from

EOS 50D and EOS 7D comparison. Image from

The 7D will be released by the end of September in the US at a price point of about $1,699 USD. Expect inflated pricing from Canon Philippines (actually a great way to protect authorized dealers) and possibly an end of October or mid November release. Save those coins, I am betting that this one will be on high demand with low supplies. Much like the sexy 5D MK II.

Here’s a leaked version of the press release from CR that was posted last night. Apparently it was originally in Japanese then translated to Mandarin Chinese and finally to English. And, finally, the official Canon press release. Plus the EOS 7D Special Site from Canon Japan. Have fun!

Here is an excellent and extensive Preview Report from Check it out and judge for yourself.

An exciting announcement for point and shooters. So hold off on the new camera purchase the new Canon G11 will be released end of October-it will be a good Christmas. Instead of going over the roof with an even larger mega pixel (last count, the G10 was 14 mp) the new cam is going for better image quality with just 10 mp.

The only thing I really want to know is how noiseless the new low light feature is. That swivel screen is also a great plus. Hopefully there will be some hands on review soon. Read on with more info from Canon USA.

The new Canon G11. Image from Canon USA.

The new Canon G11. Image from Canon USA.

Image Quality That’s Better Than Ever.

New 10.0 Megapixel sensor coupled with Canon’s DIGIC 4 Image Processor designed as the High Sensitivity System for improved low light image performance.
The PowerShot G11 employs a newly-developed, 10.0 Megapixel High Sensitivity System by combining a powerful CCD sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 4 Image Processor. Thanks to this technological advancement, the G11 is dramatically more sensitive than cameras with identical megapixel counts, and delivers spectacular images with minimal noise. Increased sensitivity demands a higher ISO speed, and the PowerShot G11 delivers with a new maximum setting of ISO 3200. Blur and camera shake are notably reduced for the ultimate in sharpness and clarity.In addition, a new Low Light mode lets you capture images in an astonishing range of conditions. The camera automatically adjusts the ISO speed from ISO 320 to ISO 12800 in relation to ambient brightness, subject movement and camera shake.

The next G series from Canon looks exciting (according to the rumors flying around the net). Can’t wait for the actual images of the cam. In the meantime…

Posted on Canon Rumors Aug. 12, 2009:

I received a couple of camera specs for the upcoming powershots.

GX1 (G10 Replacement?)
– 12mp CMOS (Larger Sensor)
– HD Video (1080p)
– 5x Zoom
– ISO 50-3200
– Flash Shoe
– Similiar Ergonomics
-$599 USD

PowerShot T100 (OLED Touch Screen)
-3x Zoom
– 3″ VGA OLED Touch Screen
– HD Video (720P)
– SD Card
– Color Accent Feature
– $399 USD

More to come for sure.

A few more weeks to go and we’ll all get the official statement from Canon about their new cameras. It will be an exciting time for point & shooters this holiday season.

More stuff from this past weekends Metro Comic Con. A lot of activities were going on all at once with a band on stage blaring out music to entertain attendees. But the gaming table was all about wires and concentration.


Below is Deadpool from Marvel Comics. Notice the awesome details.

I believe these statues were custom made by FBS- Fat Boy Studios here in Manila. Awesome stuff to see first hand. Head on over to their site (just click on the link) for a detailed look at their incredible work. These would probably cost an arm, both legs and an ear if you want one!

Apocalypse looking all mean and squinty eyed with Colossus and Juggernaut frolicking in the background.


And finally, a LTO/drivers license style mug shot of one of the best Jokers of all time. As portrayed by Jack Nicholson in Batman circa 1989. Again by Fat Boy Studios.


metrocon03I’ve never gone to a comic convention. Even when I loved to read comic books during the 80’s and early 90’s. Back then I was updated regularly with happening news in the comic industry by receiving the Diamond and Mile High catalogs through the mail… yes, from one country’s post office to another country’s post office! There were no websites or email back then. I am sure some of you out there still remember the excitement of waiting for mail.

Fast forward to now and everything is just on the internet. Once in awhile I’ll just read on the net about a convention here, there… somewhere… and later on seeing photographs of said events a few days later from someones blog.

Quite an eye opener as seeing comic conventions grow year after year into these huge media events.

So, tagging along with a friend off to the Metro Comic Convention we go. First time ever to attend such an event. Surprisingly there wasn’t a line to get in but had to get the PHP100 entrance ticket. Good thing we were there early in the afternoon where the crowd was still manageable. There were tables full of comic books, toys and games that brought back many a good old times.



With too much to see and buy we still stayed a few hours managing to keep the cash where it’s supposed to be-in our pockets. Saw this guy selling vintage Matchbox cars. These are the original made in England sort. The price tag of PHP300 (roughly USD6.00) was reasonable but since I don’t collect I’ll just let someone else have them.

At the end of shooting and looking we headed out the exit. After, of course, buying ourselves a few goodies. And finally my own post about a comic convention. Will be posting more photos in the coming days when I finish post processing the shots. Here’s a little teaser for the next post. Stay tuned!


Posted on Canon Rumors Aug. 5:

Apparently Canon will be launching the replacement for the 50D this month. Until the official word from Canon everything up to this point is speculation. I do agree with the new battery though and most likely see a new battery grip?! My 50D still does the job and I won’t be upgrading until something significant is added. Until then here are the rumored specs of the 60D/7D…

Spec List 1 (NL)
* FF
* 3″ OLED
* 12.7 MP
* ISO100-25600
* Digic IV
* Wide DR mode, sRAW
* 9 focus points (+6)
* 3.4 FPS
* Pentaprism, same as 5dII
* No video
* No flash
* $1999 target

Spec List 2 (CR)
* 15.1mp (apparently it will be the same sensor with some internal upgrades)
* DIGIC V (DIGIC IV a stopover to a big advancement in processing)
* New 13 Point AF
* 1080p Movie Mode
* 8fps
* 3″ VGA LCD
* 98% VF
* New Battery
* Weathersealing
* Ergonomic Upgrades
* 1x Compact Flash and 1x Secure Digital Slots

A new one floating around today says Dual DIGIC IV, 8fps and a 15.1mp APS-C sensor.

No “Affordable” Full Frame
Another email today says we will NOT be seeing another full frame camera added to Canon’s lineup, nor will there be another APS-H.

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