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October 20, 2009, Canon has again introduced a new DSLR just barely a month after the EOS 7D.

Image from Canon USA

Image from Canon USA

The EOS-1D Mark IV is a high-speed multimedia performance monster with a 16-megapixel Canon CMOS sensor (APS-H 1.3x), Dual DIGIC 4 Imaging Processors, and 14-bit A/D data conversion, all at 10 frames-per-second (fps), with the widest ISO range Canon has produced to date. This new camera also features 1080p Full High-Definition video capture at selectable frame rates packaged in Canon’s most rugged and durable professional camera body.

Cover page to the Japanese bochure

Cover page to the Japanese bochure

The ISO ranges from the standard 100 to 12,500. With expansion settings of L: ISO 50 for really bright environments and ISO H1: 25,600, H2: 51,200, and H3: 102,400 for ‘even the most dimly lit situations’. Hoping that noise levels will be at the really low end. Dragging so much gear just to shoot a fireworks display is just so unfashionable. The MK IV will let the tripod stay home. That would be a dream come true.

Another major change is the completely redesigned 45-point AF system including 39 cross-type points, a new AI Servo II AF focus tracking system with improved algorithm combined with 10 fps continuous shooting, claiming the Mark IV will be able to handle high speed situations with ease. Now, imagine shooting a swimmer diving into the water in perfect form. Focusing on the swimmer and following through until the swimmer hits the water. And every frame is in focus. Could it be?

With the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver just a stones throw away, the Mark IV will get it’s intended use with the pro sports shooters having a go with the new AF system. By then, there will be news if Canon is on top of their game once again or they are still tumbling down the slope. Yes, a little pun intended…

Sample photo taken with the 1D MK IV. Click to enlarge.

Sample photo taken with the 1D MK IV. Click to enlarge.

There is nothing concrete about this EOS yet. No one has done a review of it’s ‘low level noise’ high ISO range. If the H1-3 range lives up to Canon’s statement then the MK IV will surely be in the hands of many event shooters. Until then, this will just be one for the pro sport shooters who will need to purchase a replacement for the MK III.

Image from Canon

Image from Canon click to enlarge

The Mark IV is just a little too much for this event shooter. Until I start charging USD2,000 per event I think the EOS 7D and EOS 50D are just perfectly suited to my project requirements. And a jump in my fee to that amount will definitely not be a fine example in marketing strategy.

At USD5,000 (approx. PHP235,000) for body only, this will clean out the bank account so fast you’ll be reminded of Robert De Niro et al robbing the bank in Heat-oh, I still love that movie. Anyway, a few new IS L lenses at a fraction of the cost to use with my APS-C (1.6x) bodies are a much better purchase.

Here some good reads at Ephotozine and Canon UK (Official press release).

Canon Project Rebuild

CPR posterSome of you may have damaged Canon products from the flood. Don’t buy new ones yet…

Good news!!

You can now bring in your gear for repair at official Canon repair centers. I would have preferred a free repair since it’s called Canon Project Rebuild but i guess 50% off is just as good.

The repair project would have been more charitable if Canon sponsored the parts for free with 50% discount on labor. Ah well, I guess they would have to pay for the horrendous import and VAT taxes imposed on electronic parts and products by the Philippine government.

Give them a call or take them to the service centers:

    5th Floor, Marvin Plaza Building
    2153 Don Chino Roces Avenue
    Makati City 884-9000
    Liberty Center, Freedom Plaza
    Ground Floor Retail Row Unit 1 & 2 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Canon, delighting you, uhm…. always (most of the time).

Reflexion: Celebrating 50 years of Canon SLR

Image from Canon Rumors

Image from Canon Rumors

Canon Australia has sent out an RSVP invite for the celebration of Canon’s 50 years of SLR. Mr. Kobayahsi sure knows how to throw a party! I’ll bet my pet fish that the silhouette on the invite is the new EOS 1D MK4 they will be unveiling. So sad for all of us here in the Philippines… more on the new EOS heavy weight soon. Stay tuned!


Training for the big day.

Training for the big day.

According to my Apple Dictionary the word marathon is defined as such:

a long-distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 km).
• [usu. with adj. ] a long-lasting or difficult task or operation of a specified kind : the last leg of an interview marathon that began this summer.
• [as adj. ] of great duration or distance; very long : marathon workdays.

Based on this definition my palms get slightly sweaty. 42.195 km is a distance that will most likely take an average person 4-5 hours to run.  Average meaning no vile vices, sleeps 7-8 hours a day and eats right with body weight matching their height. The numbers are not from some statistic but just a guesstimate based on a friends track record. Seems the running task at hand is a little daunting to me.

It’s that time of year again for Canon’s Photo Marathon Asia. This marathon is open to all Canon DSLR and point & shoot users. Plus a new video category added just for ’09 for all the 5D MK II and 500D owners. This is actually a 1 day event lasting from 6 in the morning til past 10 pm. Competing against strict contest criteria and deadlines, a maximum of 900 photographers will get the chance to win per theme in an assigned locale by Canon.

Participating Asian countries are: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines. These countries are divided into 2 regions. The first 6 countries get the “6 Countries, 6000 People, 1 Competition” and the latter 3 labeled it the “Go further, Get More Photo Marathon 09“. Go now and register if you are up for a sweaty blistering challenge. Think of this as a great exercise in shooting on the go- think guerilla warfare tactics managing through the jungles of Mindanao. Except when tired and thirsty you get the chance of walking into a 7-11.

Some countries start early October so join up and give those sensors a good work out! Trust me, it will be fun. How many days in a year do you ever get to see so many photographers running around shooting Canons?! See you all there and don’t forget to bring some towels cause it’s gonna get sweaty.

Real photojournalism at it's finest at the expense of the Jo mobile.

Real photojournalism at it's finest at the expense of the misterkodaker mobile.

Lastly, I would like to give a heart felt pat on the back to a friend who survived this and is doing ok, phew, that was a close one!

Yes, this photo is real. Good thing he always travels with a camera.

The incident is under investigation and I truly hope my friend receives proper compensation (a refund or a brand new one!).

I’ve got a few thousand images that needs my undying attention in post processing so I will get this off my chest. I just thought some of you would find this offer from Canon Japan interesting.

With recent news of Canon developing the Hybrid Image Stabilization system comes the newest addition in the L family the Canon EF 100mm F2.8L IS USM macro lens. A great choice for the 1st HIS lens.

Below is the ad for a “Limited Box Present” that I wouldn’t mind having but is most probably only available in Japan. More on the Hybrid IS lens from Canon USA’s press release.

The new member of the L family. Image from Canon Japan.

The new member of the L family. Image from Canon Japan.

The EF100mm F2.8L being sold with a Limited Box of goodies. Image Canon Japan.

The EF100mm F2.8L being sold with a Limited Box of goodies. Image Canon Japan.

The box contains photos and info on the new EF HIS lens. Would mind finding myself one of these Limited Box thingy. The Japanese do come out with alot of gimmicky material to release a new item. Image Canon Japan.

Contains photos and info on the new EF HIS lens. As well images captured with the 100mm. Wouldn't mind getting myself one of these Limited Box sets. The Japanese do come out with alot of gimmicky material to release a new item. Image Canon Japan.

It’s been confirmed that there will be an official press announcement at 9:00AM CET on September 1, 2009 (September 2, approximately 3:00PM for us in South East Asia) in Stockholm, Sweden, where Canon will announce their new DSLR/lens line up. Finally, all the speculation surrounding the 60D/7D will be put to rest.

Chinese poster. Way to go, again, Canon Rumors.

Chinese poster. Way to go, again, Canon Rumors.

My gut tells me that the 7D will turn out be a great cam for portrait and event shooters. Especially with the DUAL DIGIC 4 sensor and I’m really hoping that it will have better dynamic range with improved noise levels in low light. One very distinct advantage now will be the addition of HD video. Giving pros another creative option/addition to their event packages for clients.

However, the biggest improvement, will be the built in FLASH MASTER (FINALLY-don’t let this one be just a rumor!). I won’t have to plan a new flash purchase for a simple off cam lighting set up. I’m also glad this will be a 1.6 crop camera as not to compete directly with the full frame 5D MKII and EF-S users will not be short changed.

I will be containing my lust for the EOS 7D though, as I am sure there will be bugs. Fortunately, we’ll be seeing a bunch of reviews and images once the cams released. And everyone will be able to judge if it’s a must have or not. Have patience. Why wait? Well, good things come to those who do.

Here’s the post from Canon Rumors to whet the appetite. The source of the post is rated a CR3 which means it’s pretty reliable.

Canon EOS 7D
– Dual DIGIC 4
– Built in Flash Master (Goodbye ST-E2)
– Full HD Video
– APS-C (1.6 Crop)
– Non Articulating LCD

Updated Lens Info [CR2]
I’m still waiting on CR3 confirmation, so these are one step lower at CR2.

18-135 3.5-5.6 IS – I like this one for an all rounder. Time to sell the EFS 17-85.
15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM– my guess is both these are EFS. Better if EF!

The macro still holds true.

No 70-200 f/2.8L IS update according to this source.

Update from Canon Rumors

EOS 7D Specs:

– dual digic 4
– 8 fps
– 19 af points
– ISO 100-6400 (L & H1 & H2)
– 63 metering zones
– 100% viewfinder
– Horizon Help Viewfinder
– 3″ VGA LCD
– FullHD Video

In USA: $1699 Body
In Canada: $1999 Body

Update on the upcoming lenses, as I’ve guessed they are EFS. Bad side, can’t use these on the full frame bodies. Good news, if they are as good as the EFS 10-22 or EFS 17-55 f2.8 then we’re set for another round of purchasing. Then again, they could just be the same as my kit, which I still have, the EFS 17-85. Or they could have the new hybrid IS =) Can’t wait now for the official word from Canon.

We'll I guess now the info is real. Image from Canon Rumors.

We'll I guess now the info is real. Image from Canon Rumors.

The next G series from Canon looks exciting (according to the rumors flying around the net). Can’t wait for the actual images of the cam. In the meantime…

Posted on Canon Rumors Aug. 12, 2009:

I received a couple of camera specs for the upcoming powershots.

GX1 (G10 Replacement?)
– 12mp CMOS (Larger Sensor)
– HD Video (1080p)
– 5x Zoom
– ISO 50-3200
– Flash Shoe
– Similiar Ergonomics
-$599 USD

PowerShot T100 (OLED Touch Screen)
-3x Zoom
– 3″ VGA OLED Touch Screen
– HD Video (720P)
– SD Card
– Color Accent Feature
– $399 USD

More to come for sure.

A few more weeks to go and we’ll all get the official statement from Canon about their new cameras. It will be an exciting time for point & shooters this holiday season.

Posted on Canon Rumors Aug. 5:

Apparently Canon will be launching the replacement for the 50D this month. Until the official word from Canon everything up to this point is speculation. I do agree with the new battery though and most likely see a new battery grip?! My 50D still does the job and I won’t be upgrading until something significant is added. Until then here are the rumored specs of the 60D/7D…

Spec List 1 (NL)
* FF
* 3″ OLED
* 12.7 MP
* ISO100-25600
* Digic IV
* Wide DR mode, sRAW
* 9 focus points (+6)
* 3.4 FPS
* Pentaprism, same as 5dII
* No video
* No flash
* $1999 target

Spec List 2 (CR)
* 15.1mp (apparently it will be the same sensor with some internal upgrades)
* DIGIC V (DIGIC IV a stopover to a big advancement in processing)
* New 13 Point AF
* 1080p Movie Mode
* 8fps
* 3″ VGA LCD
* 98% VF
* New Battery
* Weathersealing
* Ergonomic Upgrades
* 1x Compact Flash and 1x Secure Digital Slots

A new one floating around today says Dual DIGIC IV, 8fps and a 15.1mp APS-C sensor.

No “Affordable” Full Frame
Another email today says we will NOT be seeing another full frame camera added to Canon’s lineup, nor will there be another APS-H.

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