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Special Air Travel Post

After a few airports and around 15k images on several projects I’m back on solid ground-not to mention stable internet connection.

Some planes and airports shot during my run around…. click for larger…


Beauty and the Beast





Week Ender 91

One of Canon USA’s Explorer of Light, Stephen Wilkes finished a project called NYC Day to Night. Photographer Wilkes stayed put in one location for hours to shoot the frames needed to do a proper composite of New York city turning, well, from day to night. Looks and sounds easy but imagine the hours and hours of shooting and then shifting through hundreds of frames of photos just to choose the proper exposure for 1 composite image.

As Wilkes puts it: “I imagined changing time in a single photograph. Using this new technology, I’ve been able to express this fascination through a new series of photographs: “Day to Night”. I photograph from a fixed camera angle continuously for up to 15 hours, throughout the “Day to Night”. A select group of images are then digitally blended into one photograph, capturing the changing of time in a single frame.” -from Gizmodo.

The photographs will be on view in New York City’s Clamp Art Gallery from September 8th to October 29th.

Good stuff! Go to Stephen Wilkes site and head on over to the fine art link for more of Day to Night and other beautiful photographs, particularly like his China-Old and New series.


Times Square by Stephen WIlkes


Park Avenue by Stephen Wilkes

Product Shooting

This shoot was for a catalog being distributed in US market for assorted baskets.

There was minimal fuss in a hotel room with the chefs taking care of the food. Bringing in 2 duffel bags worth of assorted lighting gear was a bit too much. After some test shots with a combo of ambient room lighting and a fully open window only 2 580 EX II Speedlights were used. The shoot was done in under 8 hours with 2 cameras tethered to a Mac. The images were used for both print and website usage.







Week Ender 90

Here’s something fun to start off the week.

Just the Two of Us (and Ken Jeong)

When you and your bodacious girlfriend (who, if you’re lucky, looks like Kate Upton) jet off for a summer romp, pack a bag full of slimmed-down cords—and not much else. You’ll look sexy, and she’ll keep those starry eyes locked on you—even if you get photo-bombed by funnyman Ken Jeong

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photographs by Peggy Sirota

August 2011
Read More at GQ

Wedding Photography

Instructions from the church coordinator were: photographers and videographers must not stand in the Chancel (In church architecture, the chancel is the space around the altar in the sanctuary at the liturgical east end of a traditional Christian church building. It may terminate in an apse. -Wikipedia) area. Ok then I thought, Heidi and Mel will never ever have a photo of themselves kneeling in front of the priest listening to the sermon or saying their vows. Since I doubt the couple will ever go through this again- with utmost respect and good intentions, there just had to be some shots coming from that area.

I slowly inched closer to the off-limit area but surely my tall build didn’t help much as everyone in the church noticed this photographer doing what he wasn’t supposed to. But in hind sight, it was well worth it.







Week Ender 89

There are just too many features in a piece of gear to commit to memory. Lugging around some manuals aren’t the obvious answer either. Memorizing them is even more far fetched. I’ve even experienced pro shooters who did not know some basic features of a Speedlite. Be a better photog and learn the features of your gear the easy way.


Quickguide to the new Speedlite 320 EX

The last time I wrote about Canon Quick Guides was in June of o ten. One year forward and there are more quick guides added in to the mix. There are currently 19 PDF files ready to download for print so you can stick it in your gear bag. Old and new shooters alike will benefit from these and you can download them at the Canon Digital Learning Center.


One other article that caught my attention is, A New Concept: Canon’s Zoom Fisheye Lens by Rudy Winston, a 14 year veteran of Canon USA’s Pro Products team. It’s a piece on the new EF 8-16 f/4L USM that replaces the old EF 15mm f/2.8 fisheye. The EF 8-16 is designed to work with all the sensor sizes (full frame, 1.3x and 1.6x) to get the extreme view just in case you have the EOS 5D MK II, EOS 7D and EOS 1Ds. From some of what I’ve read from photogs who have the new fisheye this is one fun expensive lens to have.

Quezon City, Philippines


Night time HDR with 3 exposures, manual mode. Shot RAW and converted in Photoshop CS5. Click to view large.

This memorial at the intersection of Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue was erected in memory of the Filipino Boy Scouts and scout masters who died in a plane crash in the oceans of Bombay, India on their way to the 11th Boy Scout World Jamboree in Marathon, Athens.. The incident in July 28, 1963 was considered one of the most horrific involving a plane. With a total of 62 passenger of which 24 were members of the Philippine Scouts and 22 of them just teens. There were no survivors and only 5 bodies were identified by next of kin.

This particular area is named Barangay “Laging Handa” (Tagalog for “Always Prepared”), the motto of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and many of the streets are named after the 24 scouts that perished. Today, the Laging Handa area has become an entertainment hub for folks living in Quezon City and surrounding areas.

Pictured here is the round monument with the recent addition of the obelisk with the statue of Tomas Morato, the first Mayor of Quezon City. The street on the left top corner is Timog Avenue intersecting with Tomas Morato starting from the right top corner.

Its too bad all that electrical and cable TV wires crisscross across the frame.


Another frame slightly from a different angle. 5 seconds single exposure, no hdr, captured RAW and coverted in Photoshop CS5. Click to view large.

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