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Some months ago, I partook in a meal that was fit for a Chinese emperor. It involved 10 courses without the mandatory fried rice or noodles so associated with Chinese cuisine.

The experience was in a rather small culinary school in Manila. Set in it’s dinning room with two tables and full crimson red carpet typical of Chinese restaurants. But if you were looking for ambiance normally found it wasn’t there nor the waiters in black pants with colored vests. It was just all about the food.

I apologize but it seems there are only 7 images instead of the 10. I must have been too mesmerized by the gastronomic experience and forgot to shoot the other courses. Sometimes, the palette is just more important than the photography.

All photographs were captured with the Canon EF 50mm 1.8 II– the best bang for the buck in Canon’s lens line up and a great all around prime offering.

Deep fried prawn balls stuffed with quail eggs.

Deep fried prawn balls stuffed with quail eggs.

After the appetizer, the soup.

After the appetizer, a thick soup with bean sprout.

Third course of radish with scallops to cleanse the palette.

Third course was a refreshing radish with scallops in the middle and moss garnish to cleanse the palette.

Perfect sea cucumber and broccoli with superior sauce.

Perfect sea cucumber and broccoli with superior sauce.

The original, the rich but light to the taste, egg foo yung.

The original, the rich but light to the taste, egg foo yung.

A lightly fried pork belly dish with preserved black oysters and mustard greens all topped off with superior sauce.

A killer braised belly of pork with preserved black oysters and mustard greens all topped off with superior sauce.

Finally dessert, almond pastry with a sweet yellow bean paste.

Finally dessert, almond pastry with a sweet yellow bean paste.

Memories fade, clothes degrade, cakes eaten, drinks drunk…

Celebrating a special birthday, an anniversary or a significant period in your life? Preserving memories with photographs is the perfect way to show off your important event for many decades to come.

I’ve put together 2 packages that are worth much more in coins and giving it to you for just a fraction of the cost. For those of you that want to book for 2010 and you have a Preserving Moments post card-  these 2 very special packages are especially for you (click here).

Just to give you an idea of what I shoot.

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YoCard post cards for free and all you need to do is find their stands at over 190 various locations in Metro Manila to pick one up. Hurry, the Preserving Moments/ Mac Photography Dy post cards have a very limited print run.

Thank you goes out to the beautiful people of YoCard for distribution of the post card, designed by yours truly.

Much appreciation (I owe you one!) to the printing genius behind Jotech Corp. for the use of excellent card stock and a beautiful reproduction from the digital file. They manufacture biodegradable food safe containers. Send me an email if you need more information.

Oplan 2: October 1, 2009, Tumana and Rodriguez (Montalban)

The same folks who organized and implemented Oplan 1 also made this charity event possible. Barangay Tumana is part of Marikina City and one of the places that were hardest hit by flood waters from Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana).

Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal province (To pay tribute to its first mayor, former Senator Eulogio Rodriguez, the name of the municipality was formally changed from Montalban to Rodriguez by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 275, passed in September 1982.) is located on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range where much of the uncontrolled logging takes place-illegal or otherwise. My guess, one the reason for the tragic flooding in many low lying areas.

Click on the gallery photos for a larger view. All photographs courtesy of Teng Paulino, 2009 and captured on the trusty photo-journalistic friendly Canon G10.

More photos from the catastrophic weekend~ Week-Ender#8, Tropical Storm Ondoy and The Aftermath.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Woke up this morning and started on my routine. I got my nice warm cup of coffee (yes, warm, hot would just kill the taste of my black drink) and get going on the news. I check quite a few web sites just to get the blood flowing. One of my favorites,, has got an excellent photo essay section that I love to stare at. One page in particular got me amazed and laughing in no time.

In the digital age of photography post processing or editing images are an easy chore to most experienced photographers. All you need to do is turn on the Mac, hook up the pen tablet and open up an image editing software. Five to ten minutes is all it requires for simple post processing. A complex editing and composites chore would take a little over four hours, depending, of course, on how big the job.

QC Scape

A cityscape of Quezon City, Philippines, June 2008. I replaced the polluted, cloudy and grey skies with blue and fully white clouds from another image that I took. Original images were captured on my Canon G7 point and shoot.

Back in the days of film, this chore would have been pretty complicated and time consuming. Walk into the dark room, switch on the red lamp, choose several negatives and proceed to dodge, burn, copy, paste, etc. All manually achieved! Cut means getting a pair of scissors and snipping away versus just a few clicks on the mouse. Depending on the complexity of the chore it would probably eat up a few days. This is just for one photo.

According to, here are the “Top 10 Doctored Photos“. Some of the images are obviously from the film era. It’s just amazing thinking how they manipulated photos back then. Check it out and enjoy. Especially that one with Oprah Winfrey.

metrocon03I’ve never gone to a comic convention. Even when I loved to read comic books during the 80’s and early 90’s. Back then I was updated regularly with happening news in the comic industry by receiving the Diamond and Mile High catalogs through the mail… yes, from one country’s post office to another country’s post office! There were no websites or email back then. I am sure some of you out there still remember the excitement of waiting for mail.

Fast forward to now and everything is just on the internet. Once in awhile I’ll just read on the net about a convention here, there… somewhere… and later on seeing photographs of said events a few days later from someones blog.

Quite an eye opener as seeing comic conventions grow year after year into these huge media events.

So, tagging along with a friend off to the Metro Comic Convention we go. First time ever to attend such an event. Surprisingly there wasn’t a line to get in but had to get the PHP100 entrance ticket. Good thing we were there early in the afternoon where the crowd was still manageable. There were tables full of comic books, toys and games that brought back many a good old times.



With too much to see and buy we still stayed a few hours managing to keep the cash where it’s supposed to be-in our pockets. Saw this guy selling vintage Matchbox cars. These are the original made in England sort. The price tag of PHP300 (roughly USD6.00) was reasonable but since I don’t collect I’ll just let someone else have them.

At the end of shooting and looking we headed out the exit. After, of course, buying ourselves a few goodies. And finally my own post about a comic convention. Will be posting more photos in the coming days when I finish post processing the shots. Here’s a little teaser for the next post. Stay tuned!


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