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MacDy_4176Shooting a view through airplane windows is quite easy. All you need is a point and shoot and remember to always turn the flash off. I’ve seen too many flashes go off when folks try to shoot and wonder what went wrong.

On the right top photo was taken without flash and focused on the plane outside the window. Looks to be just like any other shot. Flash here would have exposed the person sitting next to the window but totally over exposed the window thereby just giving off a white space where the view is.

The best thing to do (bottom photo), is stick the camera lens all the way on the plastic window. Compose the shot and press half way on the shutter to focus. Remember, turn off flash, and just shoot away. The white part on the bottom of the photo is the reflection of a part of the window frame.

Reflection makes for a better photo, in my opinion, it hints at an airplane plastic window and still gives a magnificent view.





Does a point and shoot serve it’s purpose over a DSLR? From a most convenient point of view, yes. Especially when documenting a family trip is the main purpose.

Don’t be fooled by more mega-pixels in newer point and shoot models. 10 mp is more than enough for 8×11 inch prints and posting on any social network-where images will need to be scaled down for faster uploads and viewing.

Ever wonder what 5 mp’s look like? A few posts from now I will be digging into my back up hard drives. Until then take a look at the previous post for a DSLR’s point of view of Tagaytay.

These photos were taken with a Canon Powershot G7 p&s with the wife beside me and a running-jumping toddler in tow. Then post processed in Photoshop CS2.

But don’t get me wrong, I do love my DSLR’s for the technical photography.






MacG7_3265s Tagaytay



Summer is just around the corner. The question has always been, ‘what point and shoot should I buy?’

And it’s a good question with so many point and shoot cameras in the market today. Often a G series comes to mind like the 2009 released G11. But sometimes the G11 just isn’t very practical when a situation calls for a good fuss free camera while on vacation.

I had the pleasure of having lunch with a friend and his brand new Canon S90 a few weeks ago. The little p&s impressed me with it’s minimalist metal black body and beautiful photos at 10 mega-pixels.

The S90 has 2 main dials on top. The shutter button that sits on the zoom dial making it convenient to operate with an index finger and the mode dial making it easy to switch from one mode to the next with the thumb. Of course there is the on/off switch that’s soft to the touch.


Without the bulk and extra buttons, the S90 is about a third of the G11’s size and weight. It’s perfect for carrying around in a pocket or in a bag and ready to shoot with a push of the on/off button.

For everyone who just wants good photos without fiddling with this little gem there’s the P mode (Program) for an easy photo session. I tried using the S90 with one hand and it was just turn on, point and shoot! At a very attractive PHP19-21,000 (depends where you buy) the S90 is great value for the moolah.

For the advanced photog the S90 comes complete with full manual (M) function complimenting Aperture (AV) priority and Shutter (TV) priority. RAW file capture is also a plus here as you might want to have more control post processing photos in the supplied DPP software.


My only real draw back to this little minimalist p&s is that it is a bit too small for my hands-I do have big furry paws.

Going to the beach this summer, you say?! Set yourself apart by getting the waterproof casing and shoot in the water. It should cost you less than PHP12,000 for Canon brand. Or opt for the Korean made waterproof zip lock style case for less than PHP3,000 which is what I use for my G7.  Just make sure to test on a running tap for a leak before actually dunking it in the ocean.

Have fun this summer, travel light and take fun photos with the Canon S90, fast becoming the G11 junior. After all, on a vacation travel light and be fuss free.

For a comprehensive review check out Photography Bay.



Since today is a National holiday (Philippines) observing the birthday of it’s National hero: Andres Bonifacio- I’ll stick with a casual post that might help in the purchase of a digital point and shoot camera.

Most sites on the web have lists of good and best buys but a must isn’t really the case to the unknowing consumer. What hurts most is you get the worst of the unimaginable thousands of digicam choices. These are not even the unknown brands that show up at cheapo electronic stores.

Lets get the season rolling on the right foot. The good folks at Digital Camera-HQ have compiled a great list of cameras you should not buy for this holiday season (stick with Canon-it did not get on the list).

To show our holiday spirit, we set out to find the worst cameras of 2009 so that you, the consumer, don’t have to. Be sure to check out the video review below, avoid these cameras at all costs, and have a happy holiday! –


The Canon G7 hadn’t been used for some serious photography in months. Until, I heard about Johnny Rockets had opened up in Manila. JR is an American themed franchise burger restaurant. Since it’s only been a few months after it opened the place will still be clean and great for a casual shooting experience.

Always try to bring a stealthy camera to shoot at restaurants.

The whole hamburger/milk shake experience was okay. Do a Google and judge for yourself. It’s just too bad the pricing does not match the recent economic situation. Had the price points been lower, probably, Johnny Rockets wouldn’t be a flavor of the month or more likely a flavor of the-every-few-months.

Very pop culture ala American 60's diner style

American 60's style diner complete with service uniforms of that era.


Open kitchen is good but when it gets busy the exhaust aren't good enough to get rid of the oily buttery stench of beef getting cooked


The eye-popping-wallet-draining prices tucked away in a very neat no bs menu

The double burger for sharing and a sexy glass of Coke, yes, regular.

The Smoke House Double burger for sharing and a sexy glass of Coke, yes, regular but refillable

I had the Patty Melt, 1/3 pound patty with carmalized onions and 2 kinds of cheese all sandwiched between toasted rye bread

The Patty Melt, beef patty with carmalized onions and 2 kinds of cheese all sandwiched between toasted rye bread and of course, fries with chilli


Thick and creamy strawberry shake that could not pass through the vacuum of the straw provided no matter how hard you sucked


While chowing down the staff dances to the tune of Fame blaring from the digital juke box, yes, really-the dancing is even choreographed


You pay for the smiley ketchup container so might as well enjoy it

Canon Project Rebuild

CPR posterSome of you may have damaged Canon products from the flood. Don’t buy new ones yet…

Good news!!

You can now bring in your gear for repair at official Canon repair centers. I would have preferred a free repair since it’s called Canon Project Rebuild but i guess 50% off is just as good.

The repair project would have been more charitable if Canon sponsored the parts for free with 50% discount on labor. Ah well, I guess they would have to pay for the horrendous import and VAT taxes imposed on electronic parts and products by the Philippine government.

Give them a call or take them to the service centers:

    5th Floor, Marvin Plaza Building
    2153 Don Chino Roces Avenue
    Makati City 884-9000
    Liberty Center, Freedom Plaza
    Ground Floor Retail Row Unit 1 & 2 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Canon, delighting you, uhm…. always (most of the time).

Reflexion: Celebrating 50 years of Canon SLR

Image from Canon Rumors

Image from Canon Rumors

Canon Australia has sent out an RSVP invite for the celebration of Canon’s 50 years of SLR. Mr. Kobayahsi sure knows how to throw a party! I’ll bet my pet fish that the silhouette on the invite is the new EOS 1D MK4 they will be unveiling. So sad for all of us here in the Philippines… more on the new EOS heavy weight soon. Stay tuned!

Oplan 2: October 1, 2009, Tumana and Rodriguez (Montalban)

The same folks who organized and implemented Oplan 1 also made this charity event possible. Barangay Tumana is part of Marikina City and one of the places that were hardest hit by flood waters from Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana).

Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal province (To pay tribute to its first mayor, former Senator Eulogio Rodriguez, the name of the municipality was formally changed from Montalban to Rodriguez by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 275, passed in September 1982.) is located on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range where much of the uncontrolled logging takes place-illegal or otherwise. My guess, one the reason for the tragic flooding in many low lying areas.

Click on the gallery photos for a larger view. All photographs courtesy of Teng Paulino, 2009 and captured on the trusty photo-journalistic friendly Canon G10.

More photos from the catastrophic weekend~ Week-Ender#8, Tropical Storm Ondoy and The Aftermath.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Training for the big day.

Training for the big day.

According to my Apple Dictionary the word marathon is defined as such:

a long-distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 km).
• [usu. with adj. ] a long-lasting or difficult task or operation of a specified kind : the last leg of an interview marathon that began this summer.
• [as adj. ] of great duration or distance; very long : marathon workdays.

Based on this definition my palms get slightly sweaty. 42.195 km is a distance that will most likely take an average person 4-5 hours to run.  Average meaning no vile vices, sleeps 7-8 hours a day and eats right with body weight matching their height. The numbers are not from some statistic but just a guesstimate based on a friends track record. Seems the running task at hand is a little daunting to me.

It’s that time of year again for Canon’s Photo Marathon Asia. This marathon is open to all Canon DSLR and point & shoot users. Plus a new video category added just for ’09 for all the 5D MK II and 500D owners. This is actually a 1 day event lasting from 6 in the morning til past 10 pm. Competing against strict contest criteria and deadlines, a maximum of 900 photographers will get the chance to win per theme in an assigned locale by Canon.

Participating Asian countries are: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Philippines. These countries are divided into 2 regions. The first 6 countries get the “6 Countries, 6000 People, 1 Competition” and the latter 3 labeled it the “Go further, Get More Photo Marathon 09“. Go now and register if you are up for a sweaty blistering challenge. Think of this as a great exercise in shooting on the go- think guerilla warfare tactics managing through the jungles of Mindanao. Except when tired and thirsty you get the chance of walking into a 7-11.

Some countries start early October so join up and give those sensors a good work out! Trust me, it will be fun. How many days in a year do you ever get to see so many photographers running around shooting Canons?! See you all there and don’t forget to bring some towels cause it’s gonna get sweaty.

Real photojournalism at it's finest at the expense of the Jo mobile.

Real photojournalism at it's finest at the expense of the misterkodaker mobile.

Lastly, I would like to give a heart felt pat on the back to a friend who survived this and is doing ok, phew, that was a close one!

Yes, this photo is real. Good thing he always travels with a camera.

The incident is under investigation and I truly hope my friend receives proper compensation (a refund or a brand new one!).

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